5 Most Common Vastu Dosh And Their Impact On Your Life - Sandeep Bhargava

Vastu Dosha or Vaastu cut is a projected deficiency in the vital characteristics of eight directions. The dosha persists mainly due to wrong directions of buildings or position of objects in the house. This flaw not only removes all positive energies but also bring in negative energies which can deliver worst impacts on finances, health, work life, relationships and others.
Let’s find out about these 5 doshas and their impact to keep our house and life secure.

Cut in North East

North East is the magic corner of the house. As per our highly experienced Vastu consultants, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava, this is an important orientation and a defect in the north-east direction can welcome unwanted issues. This site must be devoid of congestion, placing heavy object and building a staircase in the north-east direction must be avoided. Vastu specialists believe that luck enters a dwelling unit if this direction is open. The major defects caused due to this dosha are financial and family problems, major health issues such as suffering from incurable diseases, conflict with business partners, divorce between the husband and wife, children of the family facing education problems and children turning in subordinate. It may also cause infertility problems and the youngest son of the family may also face troubles.

Cut in North West

North-west cut is caused due to a bore well, a toilet or septic tank or an underground tank in this direction. The magnitude of the impact depends on the direction of the defect. The major impact involves hampered relationships with friends and neighbours. This phase leads to heavy loans and unlimited borrowings which will consequently affect your relationships. Major health problems related to Cardiac issues may develop.Legal issues may take a substantial form which will make you suffer.

Cut in South East

The dosha in South East may result due to the wrong position of toilet or septic tank. If the tank is built in a wrong direction or home is not clutter-free, unwanted energies can enter. The unfavourable direction of the toilet can cause an adverse impact on finances. There is always a risk of theft or fire in the house. Marriages may get affected due to lack of conjugal life. Women of the family have to suffer a lot. This defect may cause a delay in finding suitable matches for the eligible.

Cut in South West

According to Vastu specialists, south-west corners are important orientations in Vastu. It is always advised to keep south-west premises closed and packed. If it is left open, luck would take an exit from there. A slope in the south-west direction, a cut or underground bore-well, water or septic tank are the reasons for a dosha in the south-west.

The major consequences are a delay in the marriage of some family members, quarrels between husband and wife. Indulgence into bad company and bad habits may develop. Health problems related to the kidney may grow.Tremendous hike in expenditures may affect the finances. Women of the family have to suffer a lot.

Minor issues:

As per all Vastu consultants, the old objects in the house spread negative energies which affect married life adversely. Also, if the position of the main gate of an independent house is in the straight line with the main entrance to the house, it may attract disturbances and unfavourable happenings.

With the help of scientific solutions from the best vastu expert in India, Sandeep Bhargava, you can nullify the effect of the doshas and fill your home with positive energies. Register now on the site or ask your query online for immediate guidance on nullifying the Vastu doshas.