7 Easy And Effective Vastu Tips For Your Office - Sandeep Bhargava

Finance, Banking, Sales, Marketing and other working sectors offer best services and products to the customers to accomplish goals in the sectors. However, few professionals are always laid behind despite arduous work because they usually neglect one significant factor which gives a lot of contribution to our success, the Vastu of the office. We usually catch ourselves saying, “I am not lucky enough.” The fact is that luck attracts those who dwell in Vastu compliant place.

Here are few Vastu tips for your office which will help you to get your career back.

    1) Improve your workspace:

    • According to Vastu specialists, the ideal location for office is North facing. North is considered as an auspicious direction because it allows the positive energy and good fortune to settle in.
    • Always try to occupy a desk which is placed at the far corner in the office diagonal to the entrance door. The deeper you are inside in the office the better luck will pour.
    • Never have your office desk directly facing a toilet or staircase. Your possibility of promotion will be severely curtailed.
    • 2) Choose the right colour:

      • The interior of the office should be bright and vibrant which will bring out positivity in employees. Dark coloured walls bring darkness and negativity in the office which leads to hindered success.
      • At your workplace, if the north zone has pantry or red or pink colours you may face troubles in payment recovery and in receiving new orders.
      • Vastu Consultants advise marketing professionals to pick south zone for placing workstation and to avoid black and blue accessories. Brown or maroon is the right colour for the seat and they can also plat with green colour for gain sake. Facing North zone is the ideal position to attract wealth and fresh opportunities.
      • East Zone is the preferred zone for sales professionals to place their workstation. Seats must be blue or brown in colour preferably and they should avoid yellow or grey colour accessories. Vastu tips for office says the green colour is favourable to develop new contacts and sitting facing the west zone will bring in more sales order.

      3) Finance Department:

      • With regard to finance, North-west zone is considered as an auspicious direction in the office.
      • As per Vastu specialists, this side of the office must always be free of any kind of obstruction and clutter free so as to facilitate the financial flow of the business.
      • Accommodating office furniture in this area or constructing a wall will have adverse effects on the financial strength of the business.

      4) Washrooms:

      • The placement of washroom in the office is also a crucial factor according to Vastu.
      • Washrooms must always be constructed facing east direction.
      • As per Vastu Consultants, if there is a washroom in the north-west zone, you will probably find yourself devoid of support from financial institutions.

      5) Energize your Desktop:

      Implement following accessories to energize your desktop area:

      • Plants and Flowers:
        Flowers produce yang energy and plants attracts luck, good income and improves your possibility of advancement. Place a small healthy plant in the Southeast corner and a vase of fresh flowers on the east part of your desk.
      • Crystals:
        Crystals nurture the luck of prosperous relationships among colleagues. Keep a crystal ball in the south-west corner of your desk.
      • Lamps:
        Lamps are a good source of energy. The lamp placed in South direction energizes your charm and reputation.
      • Office Equipment:
        All personal metallic equipment such as calculators or computers must be kept on a separate table preferably placed to the West or Northwest of your desk. If you need to use them alongside, keep them on your right.

      6) Waste Products:

      • Refrain from keeping the waste products especially metals in the east zone of your office.
      • If you have waste products cluttered in the east direction, your financial growth will curb.
      • Keep this area clean to get financial support from government departments and influential persons

      7) Create Support:

      • At your workplace, never sit with your back to the entrance door as it invites betrayal and deception. Always sit with your back supported and achieve an excellent reputation.

If you are keen on formulating strategies to boost your growth, consult best Vastu consultant, Sandeep Bhargava. Follow his Vastu tips for office and see your business flourishing.