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Life changing experience for me. I strongly recommend his name to anyone and everyone who is going through low phase of life.  Jai maa kamakhya.

Shailendra Kamble


Sandeep ji’s astrology sessions were always been very helpful for me, what ever he predicted has happened with me and in the same time frame as told by him. Inspite of many people waiting for their time with him, he never disappointed me or anyone for guiding us on our life path. It was just amazing. Keep us in your prayers.

Rajeev Bhardwaj

New Delhi

“I have been a non believer of this science all my life until i met sri guru Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava. I have never seen such a young man with this aura, i can’t explain my experience in words but yes, i can say that i have got a second life and that is all because of Guruji Sandeep bhargava. Guru ji, i will never be able to forget you. His command on his prediction is mind blowing, his way of interpretation is incredible. you are my god, i worship you and i salute you forever.”

Rajesh K. Grasim Steel

This is just to let you know that ever since I have been introduced to you, there has been a vast difference in my life. Without having to do anything drastic or spending any money, my life have improved beyond imagination. You have shown me simple methods of keeping happy when I feel depressed. Your constant motivation via BBM messages or BBM updates seem to remove the dark cloud before it can even settle over my head. I believe that people meet only if destined to meet. We were certainly destined to meet as the Almighty have sent you to me as my saviour. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Look forward to being enlightened further.

Yours in appreciation

Nisha Desai

Graphics Designer, South Africa

Hi Sandeep , it’s been an enriching experience having come in contact with you. Most of your predictions based on my charts have been coming true. The remedies to get rid and lower down degrees of those problems ,I am following and have full confidence in you, but honestly I am waiting for results yet and very optimistically looking forward to. As a friend I think you are rare find species and must be preserved. Wish you the best in life( which includes my friendship ).

God bless you and your family.

Marco Rivera

(a devotee from Germany)

Acharya Sandeep Bhargava was like a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel when i met him. Engulfed with financial and personal problems he sailed us through with easy remeidies and strenghth of his devine pooja. He is a friend and companion who feels your pain like his own and with the blessings of Maa Kamakhya brings a positive direction to our lives. Can’t thank you enough ??

Yachna Mehta Rane

New Delhi

For us, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava’s predictions have been more than just being true. Rather I would say his predictions are facts of our lives. Our experiences have been kind of enlightenment for us which makes our belief in him as strong as mountains. His knowledge of the shastras, his style of explaining things by relating them with facts is just amazing! Totally floored by his more than accurate reading about our kids and must thank him bountiful for helping us realize the true potential of our kids.

Archana & Rajat Sood


“It was a turning point in my life after having a session with you. Your predictions are most accurate. From your positive guidance, my life become smooth and I am positive towards life . Many many thanks for being my life coach. Regards, Vikas Bajaj”

Vikas Bajaj GMR Group

Friends. I need to share with you our experience while preparing for Anuja”s wedding. All preps were done except finding a pandit to perform the ceremony !!! After many futile attempts and frustrations, through a friend checked and spoke to none other than Sandeep Bhargava. Anu and I went to Dubai to meet him in his office in Burlington Towers.

From then on till the marriage was solemnised it was he who organised everything. The icing on the cake was when he himself attended the wedding and for the Germans Britons and others he translated the slokas in English so that they could follow what was being chanted. 

Sandeep we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

To others in UAE I can tell. …keep your worries away. Sandeep is there. Contact him !!!!

Jai Naidu


“Very rarely do we come across learned, knowledgeable, distinguished, and gifted friends like Acharya Sandeep Bhargava. He is soo different from other life coaches and astrologers. Acharya Sandeep makes you a part of his life and connects with you in such a simple yet magnetic way. His predictions and guidance are soo true and he makes sure that he connects with you to give his valuable guidance to overcome problems. He is like a brother to me who is always smiling, full of life and positive thoughts and a rock solid support. Thank you Sandeep Bhai for always being there……”

Pankaj Nath Le meridian


“Good Morning Sir, I would most certainly recommend a session with Sandeep ji to others. He is an excellent astrologer and a Life Coach. This is the second time that I have had a consultation with him. He is an experienced and extremely skilled astrologer. His predictions are most accurate and I have definitely benefited from his readings. Many thanks for being a friend and a guide. Sanjay Pradhan”

Sanjay Pradhan Citibank