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20 April 2018 – 26 April 2018

Golden time for businesspersons! You will be able to strike big this time through some encouraging opportunity. Employees must need to put their right foot so as to get the appropriate exposure to display their talent and inherent abilities. Today’s daily horoscope says you will sail on smooth and favourable tides with regard to finances. Singles will enjoy a delightful time with their loved ones. In matters of health, some minor issues may raise concern hence, take preventive countermeasures to keep the issue under control.

13 April 2018 – 19 April 2018

Do not keep your expectation too high, rather stay keen on strengthening and developing your current role. Businesspersons must focus on formulating strategies to save their current position. You will experience lateral growth for some period which will help you to form a foundation before considering growing vertically. Finances are not in your favour this week so spend cautiously and try to boost your savings. Refrain from making any unnecessary investments and handle habitual expenses carefully. Health needs to be guarded as some viral infection can trouble you this week. Do not neglect and take preventive countermeasures. Regular exercise and meditation will help you strengthen your immunity.

06 April 2018 – 12 April 2018

Planetary positions this week will reward businessmen with a steady rise in the sale. Professionals will find themselves occupied with various projects. Some monetary gains are in store you but you must cease the opportunity to reinforce your position on the financial front. Keep enough capital in safe avenues for crunches. In matters of heart, you will likely to take initiative in sorting personality differences to reinstate harmony in your relationship. Your positive attitude will pay you in the long run. Health needs to be guarded. You may catch common cold and cough. Those who are dealing with old and persistent ailments must take medications regularly.

30 March 2018 – 05 April 2018

The weekly horoscope for Aries determines that both businesspersons and professionals will sail in favourable tides. Refrain from indulging in conflicts with co-workers. Keep a hawk’s eye on the opportunity because you can miss them in a glimpse of an eye. Such opportunity can brings you monetary gains. You will not feel content in your relationship. Your fault-finding nature will disturb your loved ones. Singles will be passionate about exploring the world of intimacy. Health must be guarded and do not avoid any unusual symptoms, take appropriate countermeasures.

23 March 2018 – 29 March 2018

Perseverance is required to boost financial prospects. You may take financial decision driven by instincts and invest in things which are unnecessary for the time being. Set your priorities about capital requirements and make investments judiciously. Businessmen will be rewarded with a new exciting opportunity but it may take some time before favours start pouring in. This is not a healthy week for you so be cautious, you are prone to catch illness easily.

16 March 2018 – 22 March 2018

Definitely a hard week for you. You will keep one foot on the pedal while the other one on the brake. The burden of added responsibilities will hinder the performance of day to day activities. Your inability to push through these barriers will upset your immediate supervisor. For businesspersons, some disruption in regular activities acts as a check supporting the pace of progress. Good savings are in store which will maintain stability on the financial front. Accordingly, you will manage your expenses. Not a healthy week for you as viral infections can bother. Be cautious and take preventive measures. Regular exercise and meditation will help in maintaining good health and in keeping you safe from infections.

09 March 2018 – 15 March 2018

Time to save your hard-earned money. Refrain from spending a surplus amount of your savings on short-term goals. Business persons must direct their work efforts effectively. Be your more ambitious now. Keep yourself motivated for extra arduous work to achieve the desired level of success. Health demands more caution especially for those suffering from chronic ailments.

23 February 2018 – 01 March 2018

Prepare to rule! Gear up and put your efforts relentlessly towards your goals. Businesspersons and professionals need to look for ways to achieve financial gain, which may also demand to expand your customer territory. Be your most ambitious at this stage and you will see your business turning to profits. This year is auspicious in terms of relationships and alliances. You will attract people which will expand your contacts.


Symbol : The Divine Spark of Creation

Key Phrase : I AM LIGHT

Affirmation : I Am Awake

Quality : Conscious Power

Main Archetype : Mars

Element : Fire (Creative Spark)

Natural House :  First

Quality : Cardinal

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