Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17th June - 23rd June 2018 - Sandeep Bhargava

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17th June – 23rd June 2018

17 June 2018 – 23 June 2018

Hold yourself from taking any financial risk throughout the week. Investing money might not come out to be good. Plan all the matters related to money very well. The week will start with some emotional ups and downs if you do not handle the situations well enough. Midweek will also not be easy as you will have to take care of your health as extensive working might cause some issues. Towards the end of the week, things will seem to stabilise and you will be in a condition to relax. Just be alert throughout the week as this week may bring you problems if your decisions aren’t correct.


Symbol : The Mother

Key Phrase : I Am

Affirmation : I Am Empowered

Quality : Emotional Power

Main Archetype : The Moon

Element : Water (The River)

Natural House : Fourth

Quality : Cardinal

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