Effective And Simple Home Remedies To Bring Positivity In The House - Sandeep Bhargava

Home is an individual’s wealth. It is where you feel nurtured, fulfilled and get the head start to do things. Home is the core of energy which drives us all day; imagine if this energy starts delivering negative impacts. Ever wondered why do you feel uneasy after going to certain place, why do you feel elated after going to a party or why do you feel down after going to a death ceremony?

It is the residing energies which defines the vibe of a place. In the present fast-paced scenarios, we often neglect the energies dwelling in our home and find ourselves stuck in issues related to health, finance, and relationships.

Here are few effective and simple home remedies to attract positive energy at home:

Become a positive person:
You are the most important energy being at your home. Positivity begins with you, if you allow the flow of positive thoughts in your mind; positivity will also prevail at your home. If your thoughts are negative, the path of positive vibes will be hindered. According to our lifestyle coach, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava, you are the source, so think positive and act positively. Laugh often, share your abundance with others and count your blessings.

The basic step to allow the flow of positive energy inside the home is to clear the mess. A clear mind resides in a clear space. Designate a place for every single object at your home and arrange accordingly. Eminent astrologer, vastu-expert and lifestyle coach in India and Dubai, Sandeep Bhargava stresses on getting rid of the worthless. Open your windows and allow sunlight to enter and sit in your home. A clean home also creates a sense of calmness in the mind and a positive mind attracts positive energy.

Smudging is an ancient art suggested by many life coach astrologers for eradicating the stagnant energy at home. The process involves burning sacred plants like tobacco, juniper, cedar, cypress, sweet grass, pine needles, rosemary, sage, frankincense, and lavender. The smoke released after burning is believed to clean the space and make it sacred. It also cleanses the air by killing insects and bacteria. The smoke creates positive vibes as it traverses the space.

Himalayan Salt Lamps:
Placing Himalayan Salt Lamps can do wonders to the energy levels at your home. These lamps are not only a source of soothing white, red, orange or pinkish glow but also emits negative ions which produce fresh air. Himalayan salt is popular for boosting energy levels, eliminating static electricity from the air, and neutralizing any electromagnetic radiation and allergens. Apart from being an addition to the room, it increases positive energy, promotes good sleep and enhances mood.

Healing Crystals:
Similar to Smudging, keeping healing crystals is also an ancient process to heal vibrations and raise energy levels at home. People usually keep clear quartz crystal at home which is a high vibration master crystal. It clears and expands the auric field, protects the energy at home and delivers clarity to the mind and soul.

These are few feasible changes which you can make to balance the equilibrium of the house. For more good vibes, consult best vastu-expert and lifecoach, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava whose feasible solutions will certainly make your home a livelier place. You can book an appointment or ask your question online! Alternatively, you can also join him in his live sessions of Facebook and YouTube.