How Vastu Can Help You In Improving Finances? - Sandeep Bhargava

Money does form a very crucial part of our life and a strong financial front is required to sail in the comfort zone. However, the growth of financial prospects does not only depend on the efforts you put in but also on the energies around. Finance is dependent on funds, investors, equity markets, and other obvious reasons but Vastu place a vital role in attracting the right investor or to get a support from financial institutions.

Here are few Vastu tips for you which can help you in attaining financial stability and prosperity:

Home Entrance:

The entrance not only decides who can enter in your home but also decides the flow of energy. As per Vastu specialists, if the entrance of your home is designed according to Vastu, it allows wealth and prosperity to settle in.

The north and east directions are the ideal directions for an entrance door. The door made of teak wood proves to be more favourable. The main door area must always be clutter free to allow the flow of positive energy into the house. Do not keep footwear near the entrance door.

Mirror Image
Vastu Consultants believe that the placement of mirrors in the home is very crucial. Like the entrance door, mirrors are also responsible for allowing or stopping the flow of energy in the house. Keeping a mirror in the cash drawer results in multiplication of wealth while a broken mirror or a broken watch will act as an obstruction in the cash flow!

Prosperity Symbol:
The symbol of prosperity Laughing Budha is more than just an exotic piece of décor. Keep the life-size pieces of Budha in the garden, drawing room, or kitchen to reinstate peace and positive energy in your home. It is also said the larger the statue, the more harmony it will attract.

Right Colour:
According to Vastu Consultants, placing a right colour in the right direction has the power to convert the negative vibrations to the positive energies. You must exercise caution while choosing colours for your home or office. While choosing a painting for your drawing room wall, the concern should not only be that it should match the wall colour but also the kind of energies it would draw in.

Kitchen represents fire so that wrong placements of objects will destroy money and career. The kitchen must be built in the south or south-east zone. The favourable colours for the kitchen are pastel shades of orange, pink and red. Avoid keeping mixer grinder, dustbin, brooms or washing machine in the north zone. North zone is favourable for keeping work table or almirah for a healthy money flow.

Clock in wealth:
Vastu specialists describes Clocks as the devices which energize a direction. Hence, all the clocks placed in the house must be in working condition as slow or non-functional clocks represent hindrance or stagnation in the financial prospects. The north or north-east direction are perfect zones for placing a clock to attract wealth and prosperity.

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