How You Can Achieve Perfect Work-life Balance? - Sandeep Bhargava

Despite the perpetual pursuit of achieving a true balance between personal and professional life, most amongst us are unable to establish it. The old saying still holds true, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” In the race of being the best out of the lot and fulfilling the extreme demands of most of the professional profiles, we are compelled to put our best foot forward. After numerous researches performed in this area, experts state that long working hours and never-ending-days result in augmented stress which has adverse ramifications. It is not only affecting physical and mental health but also interfering with personal relationships and happiness.

Hence, lifestyle coach Sandeep Bhargava stress on establishing work-life borders. These defined borders will let you excel in both the worlds. Both your professional and personal lives are important and neither can be neglected. With achieving productivity at work, it is equally necessary to maintain harmony at home.

Here are few important tips by Dubai-based Astrologer and life-style coach Acharya Sandeep Bhargava that will help you in easing your life:

1. Stop Chasing Perfectionism: The basic step to understand while chasing work life borders is to let go of the illusion of perfectionism. Everyone’s capabilities change with time. Those who are overachievers during their childhood go under a lot of pressure and demand to deliver the same results as they used to. During childhood, you are served with fewer things on your plate but as you enter the professional world, you are supposed to accomplish multiple tasks in a day. Hence, it is completely okay if you cannot maintain yourself as fabulous-flawless self always! In cases where you have to delegate tasks, do not stick to the same thing and waste your time just because it is not flawless.

2. Put off Your Phone: Switch off your technology once you enter the home. Technology is just to make our life easier, not to consume our day. Since it has made a person accessible throughout the day, we need to set boundaries for ourselves. Lifestyle coach Sandeep encourages his followers to leave work at work to establish peace and harmony at home. It is must to restrict your work from infiltrating your home.

3. Manage Your Time Well: Time is the most precious asset you have. Prioritize and keep track of your time. Be watchful of the time you spend in socializing, in talking to your friend or in general or in scrolling the feeds on different social media accounts. Keep track of how much time you are spending on these things and prioritize accordingly.

4. Don’t Forget To Exercise: Your health is the only thing which will stay with you forever. It is your responsibility to take time for regular exercises despite having a busy routine. Take out 30 minutes of your day for yourself and keep the physical ailments that may arise due to excessive work-stress at bay. The old saying is applicable to all of us, a sound mind resides in the sound body.

5. Make Plans with Family: Make sure that your family always remains your priority. Make plans with your family and execute them. Go out for a lunch or a movie and laugh together because the time you that you will enjoy with your family will release the accumulated stress from work out of your body. Spending quality time with your family is definitely a stress buster for you.

6. Take a holiday: When you find yourself stuck in life, take a break. Go on a holiday, apart from small outings like movie dates or dinner, plan a trip with your loved ones or go solo if you wish. Spend time with yourself and introspect. Travel is the best therapy, apart from being a stress buster it also boosts productivity.

7. Ease Your Life: Most of the researches done on happiness say that when we have a sound support system behind us, we are in a happier state. Hence, make life simple, ask for help whenever you require, do not hesitate. Reach out to people around you and get the solution to the problem that has been consistently troubling you. Be it anybody, your friends, family members or people at work, don’t shy away. Embrace whatever is coming in your way because sometimes the demands are heavier than what our shoulders can bear.

8. Do the Smart Work: The phrase “Work-more-sleep-less” may seem motivating and driving at first glance but it does not work in the long run and for everybody. We usually get influenced by an inspiring movie or by reading the success stories of our role models, but again, it does not work for everyone. Instead, follow “Work-smart-not-hard” so that you achieve the desired results without compromising with your sleep. The reason behind this is a good sleep of 8 hours a day is required for the sound functioning of mind and the body. Lack of sleep can hamper your productivity by inviting problems like anxiety and excessive stress. Hence, never sacrifice your sleep for anything in the world!

9. Make your own rules: Define your own rules and do not give the authority to anybody to break those rules and take charge of your life. You will always be followed by a series of should’s and have’s but it is you who must rule your life. Since every being is different from one another, something that might have worked for another person might not be fruitful for you. Listen to your intuitions and form your own opinions. You are enough for yourself!

10. Start Slowly: Everybody might have caught themselves building up plans and forgetting those in a day or two. Be it the New Year resolutions that fizzle out by the mid of January or the exercise routine that flops after the second day, we’ve all been there and done that. Hence, do not dwell on unseen and unachievable targets, make short-term goals, starts fresh and build from there.

Your work is not your life; it is just a part of life. Give it only the required space in your life, if you let it overpower your personal life you will invite mental health problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. You owe yourself and your family a little more time and happiness. Live for yourself, not for work. After having this understanding, it is your time to achieve a true work-life balance! For more such tips, follow Acharya Sandeep Bhargava on Facebook and YouTube. If you also have some astrological queries, book your appointment or ask your query online.