Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th June - 23rd June 2018 - Sandeep Bhargava

Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th June – 23rd June 2018


17 June 2018 – 23 June 2018

You are likely to see a bit of self-growth this week. Just try to put in the best of your efforts so that you get the desired results. The results will surely be prove out to be good for you. Monday to Wednesday might be a bit tiring as it will require extra efforts from you, be it personal or professional. For committed people, the midweek will be the best time to show your romance and improve the chemistry. The end of the week will prove profitable as you might see some exciting results come through. Wait for this part of the week if you are waiting for any type of result as the outcome will be positive.


Symbol : The Life Force

Key Phrase : I AM JOY

Affirmation : I Am Blessed

Quality : Emotional Love

Main Archetype : The Sun

Element : Fire (The Sun)

Natural House : Fifth

Quality : Fixed

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