Mercury Retrogade - 22nd March 2018 - Sandeep Bhargava

Know about the effects of upcoming Mercury Retrograde in your life

Prepare yourself for the upcoming communication and technology breakdowns. Mercury Retrograde March 2018 is definitely not the time to get into something new. It is falling on March 22. The mercury retrograde is quite infamous for enhancing the potential of communication havoc, delaying travel plans or breaking the communication, and causing imbalances and nervous anxieties.
Let us know about it in detail:

Natal Mercury retrogrades:

The objective of Mercury Retrograde in your birth chart is to take you out of your karmic debt. It means that you may have given an ill-advice to someone or wrote badly about someone in newspapers in an earlier life, and so you have come to this life with those bad impressions etched in your soul. Thus, the aim of mercury retrograde in your birth chart is to perfect those areas that had once let you down. As and when your communication skills will be polished, the karmic debt will be repaid.

Mercury Retrograde in your natal chart may bring learning difficulties, particularly in comprehending, reading and writing but it will improve in the years to come. For those, who have Mercury Retrograde in their progressed or natal chart, they show a remarkable improvement during transits of Mercury retrograde.

Transiting Mercury retrograde

Transiting Mercury retrograde is a methodical rotation occurring three or four times a year for a period of 24 days.

The explained Mercury Retrograde is just one part of the cycle. The complete cycle involves Mercury going direct, retrograde, and direct again over the retrograde zone. The two stages of direct phasing are referred as the shadow periods.

Mercury Retrograde 2018

On March 8, 2018, the planet mercury enters the retrograde zone. During the Mercury stationary retrograde, you will get the notion of the upcoming issues during the retrograde stage in communication and transportation.

Mercury stationary retrograde on March 22, 2018, at 16°54′ Aries

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus depicts the prime theme of Mercury retrograde 2018 that is love and relationships. During this phase, love will govern your thought process and you will want to discuss more about companionships. It will stress on the qualities that you love about a person but Venus may not allow you to express this feeling.

The phase demands more of social interaction in everyday life, hence it is a perfect time to look forward to new friendships. Although Mercury Retrograde usually tends to bring back old friends, Venus may cause you to bump you into your ex-partners. The past life memories can also affect the new relationships.

Mercury Stationary Direct on April 15, 2018, at 04°46′ Aries.

Mercury square Saturn is going to govern this phase which will push off a serious frame of mind. The intensified negativity and misunderstandings will obstruct the communication of ideas.

Finally, the Mercury leaves retrograde zone on May 03, 2018 at 16°54′ Aries. Let us now know more about the general effects of mercury retrograde:

  • Communication is affected on a great scale. Slow thinking process leads to slow comprehension. Patience is the key here. Be cautious about your words and refrain from delivering a quick or provoked reaction to any argument. It is advised to double check your posts and emails before sending.
  • In Aries, Mercury Retrograde often leads to impulsive aggressive behaviour. Imprecise and impulsive communication will bring out poor judgment. During this time, binding contracts or life-altering commitments must be avoided.
  • Business negotiations are problematic during Mercury retrograde. It is not the time to sign up for a new job or long-term agreements. You can also expect an unreliable party, misplaced documents, and misleading information.
  • This is the riskiest time for transportation, communication and making negotiations. Get your vehicle services before-hand if you are planning a trip. Moreover, it is not an appropriate time for travelling because Mercury Retrograde multiplies the chances of hazard and even if you do, stress is expected.
  • It is always advised to get damages to machinery or automobiles repaired before Mercury Retrograde begins or start fixing after it ends. It is the time to introspect and plan about the amendments to be done after Retrograde ends.

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