Leo weekly Horoscope - Sandeep Bhargava

Leo weekly Horoscope

Leo weekly Horoscope

21 September 2017 – 27 September 2017

Businesspersons and professional will have to look beyond the local market in order to get high worth customers. You need to follow up with the deals you have signed and work towards increasing your sales. Don’t lose your temper at work. Maintain a calm composure. It will benefit you. You need to give importance to matters related to finances and settle all pending issues. If you’re in a newly developed relationship, there will be some disagreement with your loved one. You must not overreact to this. It is best to give a patient ear to your partner and accommodate his/her opinions in a democratic way.



Symbol: The Life Force

Key Phrase: I AM JOY

Affirmation: I Am Blessed

Quality: Emotional Love

Main Archetype: The Sun

Element: Fire (The Sun)

Natural House: Fifth

Quality: Fixed

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November 23, 2017

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