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20 April 2018 – 26 April 2018

A week with good things in store for you. This is a healthy week for you in general. No major health issues are foreseen. However, to maintain physical health, regular yoga and exercise will prove beneficial. According to online horoscope reading, you will enjoy pleasures of life will your loved ones. Businesspersons will stay focused on exploring new territories which will fetch them more valued customers. Short-term travels will grab gains in this area. You will not be caught with any financial problem this week. However, execute caution in handling financial matters. Refrain from over boarding on your expenditure.

13 April 2018 – 19 April 2018

Today’s daily horoscope says this week will prove favourable for businesspersons. Seek for the right opportunity to build up a relationship with influential persons who can strengthen your prospects in general. At workplace, despite your qualification and hard work, you may not achieve the desired position. Do not get depressed as this is just a passing phase. Stay calm and patient. Some encouraging financial gains this week will keep your spirits high. Focus your investments on domestic necessities, rather than on unnecessary luxury items. In matters of heart, singles will put in efforts to attract the attention of someone special. Those who are involved in a romantic committed relationship may be hesitant to look towards future and tying knots. Think before settling down, one hasty decision can haunt you forever.

06 April 2018 – 12 April 2018

You will have to deal with a heavy load of work this week. You will be more occupied and may have to work for extended hours to finish the assigned tasks. Be cautious in handling financial matters because you are not offered with any monetary gain this week. Stay keen on savings for contingencies and future. In terms of health, some or the other minor issue may trouble you. Be cautious and take preventive countermeasures to keep the issue under control. However, no major health issue is foreseen this week.

30 March 2018 – 05 April 2018

Business persons will achieve encouraging monetary benefits from short-term trips. Apparently, planetary positions will arrange a meeting with some influential persons which will end up in a meaningful professional relationship. At workplace, your boss will constantly pressurize you to hurry up things. According to online horoscope reading beneficial monetary opportunities are in store for you. An appropriate time for making fresh investments since there are high chances of fetching higher returns. Marital life will be hunky dory. People suffering from pulmonary issues need to be extra careful this time. Those who are dealing with digestive disorders must take prompt action.

23 March 2018 – 29 March 2018

No major monetary gain is foreseen this week but minor ones will lift your spirits. You are advised to be cautious in handling financial matters. Keeping a track of all the major and minor expenses will help in this area. Focusing on improving financial prospects and keeping an eye open to other encouraging opportunities is the best way to deal with investments. You will find yourself more occupied with work these days. You will be more enthusiastic to reach your target which will keep your focus fixed on the tasks at hand.

16 March 2018 – 22 March 2018

This week demands patience from business persons as favorable results will take its own time to settle in. There is a distinct possibility of unexpected monetary gains which will tempt you to make unnecessary investments in shopping. This week is quite healthy for you but it is advised to beware of the viral infections. Any unusual symptoms must not be neglected and preventive countermeasures must be taken immediately. Love life might not take a smooth track. Disagreements in a relationship will hurt you emotionally. Married couples need to be accommodative to maintain emotional and mental health being. Singles will explore their capacity for physical intimacy.

09 March 2018 – 15 March 2018

Monetary gains are in the stack for you this week. Enjoy some good family time as you will be able to nurture their comforts. Eligible bachelors will get a handsome offer from a wealthy family. Be practical and have kind of pragmatic approach towards it. Committed ones are not looking forward to settling down at this moment. Emotions may be suppressed. Marital life will be distressing.

23 February 2018 – 01 March 2018

Scorpions will experience a challenging time which may lead to disturbed everyday life. Business persons must give themselves time to plan effectively before commencing business travel plans for improved sales prospect. Study of the pros and cons of establishing a market in a new area is a must. The week has encouraging monetary benefits for you. No health issues are foreseen.


Symbol : The Alchemist


Affirmation : I Am Purity

Quality : Physical love

Main Archetype : Pluto

Element : Water (Crater Lake)

Natural House : Eighth

Quality : Fixed

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