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Vaastu Shastra is one of the ancient teachings from the Indian civilization that deals with the science of the architecture and explains how a building should be planned to channelize the positive energy in our lives. Applying the knowledge of the gravitational field, magnetic field, the position of the earth, velocity of the winds, ultraviolet rays, the intensity and volume of rainfall etc. can make sure that the construction of the house is scientific and spiritual at the same time creating appositive energy at all times. This is knowledge that people have garnered through years and years of study and practical test as well.

There are five elements that are really important in Vaastu Shastra:

Earth Water Fire Air Space

According to the traditional knowledge, the entire universe around us is made up of these five basic elements. In fact, the five elements of nature have to be coordinated with the five elements of the human body as well. This coordination is critical as this is what makes human relationship harmonious. Knowledge of the elements can really make it beneficial for people to know more about Vaastu Shastra and also help them realize the reason why they have to make certain changes in the house or put certain things in certain places.

The elements can determine the way particular directions interact with particular objects or certain kinds of people. It would be bad for a fire sign to set up an office in the corner that represents the water corner. These little details of Vaastu are not just based on the directions and the elements of the nature, but a little on the personality of the dweller, or at least the element that the person was born into. The proper implementation of Vaastu techniques has brought peace and prosperity to many households for centuries.

My mantra for Vaastu- Structural or architectural change in the existing house or the premise should only be done as the last route. Most positive and best vaastu benefits are observed with my specially designed and personally meditated and energized mirrors, statues, energy shields, conductors, etc and by just making few changes where these objects are placed.

I do read the aura of the particular place and can work on eliminating unwanted objects from the premise and work on Vastu corrections.