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Marriage & Children

If there is anyone who will say that marriage is not an institution, then it will not be a shocking statement to ears at all. Since ages people as a community have been following the principle set by the religious gurus or pundits. Having said this a large section of such gurus do claim themselves as the top notch and also having complete knowledge related to such category. This is where role and overall significance of a well skilled guru takes place. Marriage is the union of not just two people, families but a conglomeration of one soul with the other. Whenever such a beautiful bond needs to be set up, well in that case knowledge of all relevant factors is of utmost importance. Having said this proper understanding of complete planetary systems, stars, time factors and many other complementary things play a very eminent role. It is after this a guru calculates and finally comes out with a date promising good fortune. just imagine when so many things are at stake and each of the primary reasons holds and eminent position, then how can results be generated in a lame manner. Today people are wise enough and so picking or selecting best guru is not kept at sidelines.

On the contrary side after marriage it is the arrival of representatives of children fill the void in a couple’s life. Well it is not incorrect to say that a child’s presence is like fulfilling overall essence. Having said this many times derailment of such planned train does not run over a rail in a planned manner. Out of all the other factors, sometimes pleasing almighty is certainly not a wrong idea at all. Through this statement one is not at all questioning or reasoning almighty’s planned way. Well at a moment little bit of nudge is important. So a good and efficient guru does look and studies each and every factor relevant to bearing of a child. It is always advised to all people seeking divine intervention, to first of all take assistance of a person having complete and disciplined knowledge about the same. The role of a sound guru is like a messenger showing right path amidst darkness. It will not be wrong to refer such a guru as a “Torch Bearer”.