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20 April 2018 – 26 April 2018

Professionals may face challenges in giving their best shot. Address the encountered problems so that your work performance will not be affected. According to online horoscope reading, businesspersons will also encounter some hurdles obstructing the smooth routine activities which will raise problems in delivering goods on time. Frequent monetary gains will maintain a strong financial front. In matters of the heart, singles will indulge in a meaningful relationship with a like-minded person. Those who are in close relationships may suffer anxiety due to cropped up issues. Stay calm and do not overreact to the issues and try to distract your focus to other relevant issues.

13 April 2018 – 19 April 2018

Time to improve your financial front. Despite executing due discrimination in making investments, you will not be left with a handful of savings. Better to explore methods to boost your income, such as freelance projects or a part-time job. According to online horoscope prediction, this week might prove to be highly constructive in career aspects so give your best shot. Relationships will keep you restless because of the way things are drifting in your love life. In matters of health, those who are dealing with some old and persistent ailments need to be extra careful with their health. Medication must be taken strictly as prescribed to avoid the aggravation of the issue.

06 April 2018 – 12 April 2018

You will come up with flying colours at your workplace from this week. Your improved efficiency and commitments at work will be appreciated by your immediate supervisor. Online horoscope prediction says monetary benefits are in store for you this week. This is a favourable time to invest money in deals which can enhance productivity. Refrain from splurging your hard-earned money on unnecessary materialistic comfort. Relationships will take an unfavourable route by this weekend, some serious differences will crop up. Keep calm and considerate of other person’s view and his right to disagree with your opinions. Those who are dealing with some old health issue will receive right kind of medication or treatment for long-time cure, others will enjoy a healthy week.

30 March 2018 – 05 April 2018

You will be your most enthusiastic this week. This energy will drive to put efforts to progress in your area. Strive to establish a cordial relation with superiors and peers at work. No major business deal with negotiation is foreseen this week. Be cautious in financial matters because there is a possibility of facing loss. Refrain from taking decisions driven by instinct. Be your more creative self now and explore things which can save time and money. This is overall a healthy week for you but minor issues like viral infections can trouble you. Such symptoms require prompt action.

23 March 2018 – 29 March 2018

This week will revolve around family and financial matters. You will be urged to improve your monetary status to satisfy the needs of the family. Be your more productive now. At the workplace, you need to put in efforts for extended hours to complete your assignments. No doubt, you will accomplish your tasks within the scheduled timeline. You will experience a boost in monetary gains. Do not take undue risks instead approach some legal way of enhancing financial prospects. Keep yourself fit and take care of your health.

16 March 2018 – 22 March 2018

You will explore new possibilities and put new ideas in your work area to gain future prospects. Refrain from indulging in arguments with your peers and superiors. Money matters will be on the front burner this week. You will likely to spend money instinctively. Re-evaluate your financial decisions and handle money matters with a cool head. Planetary transits seem to support love prospects for Singles. Singles will pick out a real relationship and couples will also enjoy a parade of romantic prospects. Protect yourself from viral infections and take preventive counter measures. Do not neglect minor issues and take treatment promptly.

09 March 2018 – 15 March 2018

Career oriented people will be shifted to a higher gear to improve the skills and efficiency. Businesspersons will be held up to work more than the usual. You need to be wary of diversions and keep your eyes set on your target. Someone close to your heart may hurt you around midweek. Do not dwell on the sadness instead, choose the path of inner healing.

23 February 2018 – 01 March 2018

Businesspersons will experience an intense time with ups and downs. Goals can only be achieved with arduous work combined with perseverance. Be consistent and good things will follow. You will not be fortunate enough to earn wealth. No major monetary gains in store for you. However, the week promises good health and no major threat is foreseen. Take preventions to control minor health issues.


Symbol : The Virgin Mother / The Master Healer

Key Phrase : I AM WHOLE

Affirmation : I Honor Myself

Quality : Emotional Wisdom

Main Archetype : Chiron

Element : Earth (Sand)

Natural House : Sixth

Quality : Mutable

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