Why You Should Not Keep Toilet In The North-east Zone - Sandeep Bhargava

Most of the Vastu literatures emphasize on the insistence of the toilet not to be placed in the north-east zone. Before coming to the effects of placing the toilet in a northeast direction, let us understand why north-east direction is considered as the most pious and extremely powerful in Vastu Shashtra. The north-east direction is considered auspicious because of the presiding deity, Lord Shiva, and the representative planet Jupiter. This direction is a source of constructive energy and brings in prosperity in the house.  Hence, any wrong element in this sensitive direction would create a Vastu Dosha. Vastu defects in this direction may have a negative impact on an individual’s growth and can cause overall failure.

Vastu Dosha in the north-east direction may arise due to heavy construction in this highly surcharged zone. Construction of toilet, kitchen, bedroom, staircase, septic tank or an overhead water tank in this zone may disturb the positive energy and invite misfortune.

Effect of constructing a toilet in the north-east direction:
According to Vastu Shashtra, construction of toilet in the north-east direction is a major flaw. It can lead to acute or consistent problems in all major areas of life such as:

Health Problems: Health-related issues include regular headaches and migraine attacks with people living in that house. Family members dealing with mental problems such as indecision, confusion and wrong judgment. Common occurrences of accidents or major injuries. Mental disorders, depression, infertility problems may also arise. Medical problems related to blood, kidney, and vision may also raise concern.

Family Issues:
Married life will be affected because of frequent clashes between couples and among other members of the family. Misunderstanding or different opinions may also lead to legal separation or divorce in some cases.

Financial Issues:
Financial problems such as loss or wastage of money, never-ending debts, failure to pay loans or bankruptcy leading to disruption of the overall reputation. The family is dragged into debts and losses and is unable to make progress.  Educational problems may also occur.

Since the north-east direction is the driver of the positive energies in the house. Construction of toilets and bathrooms in this direction creates a typical sense of gloom and sadness in the house.  All the mentioned effects of Vastu dosha are not observed immediately but these negative energies seep in with the passage of time. With time, the impact becomes so prominent that it obstructs the positive energies from battling this onslaught of continual negative energies.  Hence, it becomes crucial to deal with this issue promptly.

Remedies you can apply to treat this Vastu Dosha:

The best remedy to eradicate the effects of a toilet placed in north-east direction is to remove the toilet. However, if it is not possible if you are staying in a rented house you can opt for the below mentioned remedies to subtle the impact of Vastu defect.

  • Keep a North East Direction Yantra in the north-east direction of your home to rectify the Vastu doshas present therein. This Yantra is considered highly effective and has delivered powerful results to the followers.
  • Place an energized north-east toilet box to get rid of stress, anxiety and negative energies present in that zone. The crystals and the positive energies present in the box can suck up the negative energy present in the toilet.
  • Place 3 bronze bowls at the ceiling of the toilet in the upside-down position in the north, east and north-east part.
  • In order to block the negative energy to enter the toilet, place a Pyramid Band on the top of door frame from outside
  • Place mirror on north-east wall inside the toilet.
  • Put up a small electric fountain in north-east direction inside the toilet, or keep a pot full of water. Make sure to keep changing the water on regular basis.
  • A bowl full of sea salt must be placed in the north-east direction to neutralize the effects of negative energies by absorbing them from the surrounding. Make sure to change the salt once a week.
  • Plants can absorb a huge amount of negative energy from an area. Place a Palm tree or Spider plant in the toilet
  • Make sure to keep the toilet fresh. The room must be filled with an air freshener like Lavender aroma to deal with the effects of Vastu defects.
  • Make sure to keep the toilet door closed at all times and use the toilet in the north-east direction for bathing purpose only.It is also important to keep in mind that these remedies will reduce the ill effects of Vastu dosha but they will not eradicate the defect completely. Therefore, it is recommended not to place the toilet in the north-east zone as it can hamper the positivity the home might have.